Hot hors d’Oeuvres

Minimum 2 hours (charged per person)

Tempura Shrimp and red pepper

Fried West coast oyster pops, mustard sabayon

Shredded Potato pan cake, caramelized apple, crème fraiche,

Samosas, spiced potato filled Indian empanada, ginger apricot chutney

Ginger beef skewers

Curry beef skewers, yogurt dip

Bacon-sourdough wraps filled with scallion cream cheese

Truffle potato logs chive sour cream

Mini crab cakes and fire roasted red pepper aioli

Baby lamb chops (3.00 supp)

Baked mushrooms stuffed with ratatouille and parmesan crumbs

Tuscan pizza topped with pomodoro sauce mozzarella

Cheddar beef Slider  on potato rolls

Chicken and lemon grass pot stickehoney soy dipping sauce

Chicken chili in tortilla cups crème fraiche

Mini quiches choose from:

mushroom- oven cured tomato- herb-smoked chicken-baby shrimp-goat cheese-spinach-olive or three cheese